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Burke Co CTAE Promotional Film

This was part of a promotional video series for 13 CSRA area school districts. This was Burke County’s promotional.

The CTAE mission is to equip students with the fundamental technical, academic, and leadership skills they will need for their further education and future careers.

MORE INFORMATION ON CTAE IS AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/CTAE/Pages/default.aspx

Shepherd’s Hill Academy Promotional Film

Back in 2005 we were approached about the possibility of doing a promotional film for Shepherd’s Hill Academy, and began to get to know Trace and Beth and the many other great staff members at Shepherd’s Hill, we have continued to be involved with them throughout the years and were asked to come back and do a new Promotional Film this past Autumn. We completed the film in August of 2013 , and are really excited to see it being used as a great tool to help them better promote the work God is doing through this great ministry!
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Oakland Structures

We were contacted in October 2010 by Ryan Keller, owner of Oakland Structures, requesting a website for his business. He was looking for something that would give people a easy place to look at the multitudes of options available with buildings. He wasn’t interesting in being able to sell products on-line; but to profile products, and have very clear examples of his products.


Oakland Structures

SD Clifton Construction Inc.

We were contacted in April 2008 by Clifton Construction Company, asking about a website; but one based on a particular design layout they had been working on. It took a few months to get the design implemented and working, and we have continued to update, finding new ways to help them conduct business in the CSRA, and beyond!

SD Clifton Construction, Inc.