GreenPeas Productions are a “Christ-Centered” Cinematic Documentary Filmmakers covering events throughout the Southeast, serving and promoting God at work through visual story telling as well as providing excellence in corporate and other projects.

Our Services Include:

*Cinematic Documentation (using Canon full 1080p HD Video Cameras,  Canon HDSLR camera)
*Professional Lighting
*Formal & Informal Interviews
*Real -Time non-linear Editing
*Output to ANY Desired Media
*Film and Home Movie/VHS transfers (seasonal only)

Our Services are Available for:
*Promotional Films
*Missions Videos

Together, we aid in every step of the film making process, offering a highly personalized service from start to finish.
Beginning with the brainstorming of ideas and scripting, on to the finding of music and images, and ending with the delivery of an individually-tailored, broadcast-quality production.

We Believe that we are called to do all of our projects”without selfishness or empty concept but with humility in mind… regarding others as more important than ourselves… looking out for the interests of others and having the attitude that was present in Jesus Christ”

(Philippians 2:3-5)

Above all,
we seek, not only to produce a video,
but to tell the stories of “God at work” in the world…

to create Inspired Products…
to touch the lives of others and
to act as His instrument of change.

GreenPeas Productions…

it’s more than a video, it’s your story.

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