Water@Work | Clean Waters

Over the past month, we were privileged to be asked to work on promotional material for Water@Work, a non profit ministry bringing purified water to some of the more needed areas in the DR. This is the first in a series of 3 films highlighting the need for clean water in the DR. Read more to see some photos from the trip.


Driving in one of the cities outside Santo Domingo


Some of the local people in La Jagua still actively involved in Voodoo. They lived just blocks from the church, and purchase water from La Jagua’s water house.


Lorretta interviews one of the participating Pastors


One of the Water Houses providing Pure Water, and a message of hope in the DR


Our 16 year old Ian used a Canon T2i to capture images, and some awesome time lapses


Part of Water@Work’s staff in front of the new DR based office in Bani.

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