Steps of Faith – DVD Orders

2017 Nativity Ballet DVDs!
We filmed the 2017 Nativity Ballet at the Grand Theater on December 16 & 17.


We will ship the initial orders made at the concerts directly to Steps of Faith Dance Studio for pick up. All orders after this time, $3.00 extra (per address) will be included for shipping.

We shoot full 1080 HD; and print DVDs as SD widescreen. Selected HD clips loaded to youtube

DVDs are only $25 EACH SHOW or take advantage of our multiple order special. $3.00 will be added to each order for shipping/handling.

order directly here: (If you have any problems ordering, please let us know @ 404-786-6314)

Nativity Ballet 2017 DVDs
Multiple Order Showtimes:

IF you order the special, please email or call us with the shows you are requesting. These  orders will be shipped to the Steps of Faith Dance studio. Please give us a call to order over the phone. It is best to contact us to let us know which shows you will be requesting

Here’s the numbers:


Please contact us if you have any questions, or need a copy of performance from previous years at Steps of Faith!

Thanks, and GodsPeace,

David and Lorretta Stembridge