When covering performances or speaking engagements, we use 2 full 1080p HD cameras with trained professionals behind each camera. (3rd unmanned available if needed), We work closely with audio engineers to ensure clear audio, and always attend a rehearsal at a new venue to be prepared for the show.Contact us to find out if we might be able to cover your upcoming event.  Please see more videos on our YouTube Page.

please CALL US at 706-554-2193 or contact us here.
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From Steps of Faith’s 2017 Spring Concert

Praise in Motion’s has an annual Christmas Concert called “The Gift”
and  a yearly Spring Concert as well.

Steps of Faith Nativity Ballet Concert

Gwinnett Young Singers are in the Atlanta area, and have been nominated fo a Grammy!

Some of our Current, and recent clients:

Gwinnett Young Singers

Steps of Faith Dance Company

Contact Kathy Law-Thomas directly for Praise in Motion videos and DVDs

The Georgia Ballet

Edmund Burke Academy

Stranger Malone’s 90 Years of Music Tribute Concert in Rome, GA (ORDER HERE!)

Please contact us directly for information on ordering any of the above performances!

Several years back we had th opportunity to record a very special concert in Rome, GA – Kasper Stranger Malone had a 90 year Tribute that was very special for those who knew him. Stranger passed away on May 30th of 2005 at 95 years young. If you’d like to order the Tribute Concert on DVD, please do it here.
The late Stranger Malone at his Tribute Concert in Rome, GA

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