DL Wedding 9-14-bwGreenPeas Productions, founded in 1997, is the award-winning husband and wife team of David & Lorretta Stembridge. David is a 2-time Emmy Award Winner with 14 years of extensive video and photojournalistic experience with major television network affiliates, and with the USAF. Lorretta has a background in theater and story-telling with a heavy emphasis placed on creative writing.

Together, David and Lorretta have teamed up to produce several major films and have won the multiple Communicator awards, and even a Telly Award!

We Believe that we are called to do all of our projects”without selfishness or empty concept but with humility in mind… regarding others as more important than ourselves… looking out for the interests of others and having the attitude that was present in Jesus Christ” (Philippians 2:3-5)

It all started in June of 1989, during our “courtin’ days” when we stopped for a bite to eat at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. As many know, Cracker Barrel is known for its “folksy”decor (as well as their golf tee I.Q. test!) and above our table was an old vegetable stand sign with, you guessed it, “green peas” painted on it. David, being the romantic he is, snapped a picture of it and 2 days later, I received a black and white postcard print of the sign with a sweet little note on the back. which has been on every refrigerator of every house ever since. Below is a copy of the postcard, you can still see the sign at the Cracker Barrel on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Atlanta! (they would not sell the sign)

Here’s an early logo design from 2000

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